Radio Benue was established in 1978 by Edit N0. 14

Before this time what is kwon today as Radio Benue Corporation actually was a Boaster Station of the then Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation established to relay programmes of the Federal Government to the state so that people will be adequately informed of the Government intentions and decisions.



Objective is the serve as a bridge between the Government and the Governed in order to fulfil the mission statement Radio programmes were tailored to interpreted the programmes of Government in the various Languages so that people will be adequately carried along.

Initially Radio Programmes were being transmitted on 10 kilowatt mono sender on the amplitude modulation Band it was in 1981 that the Aper Aku regime established another 10 kilowatt frequency modulation Band (FM) on mono sender but the Isaya Bakut Government commissioned an upgraded frequency modulated transmitter on stereo phonic sender in 1988 a milestone indeed in Broadcasting. This upgrade to 30kilowatt was aimed at ensuring full coverage of all the nooks and corners of the state having established a booster station at Ayangba which was to later re-locate to ochaja in Dekina local Government area of the present Kogi station with another at Katsina-Ala in Katsina-Ala local Government area of Benue state Radio Benue Corporation was established a service oriented organisation there were few commercial slots on the Radio like request and personal paid announcement today Radio Benue has partly been commercials without lets in Lagos Gboko and Otukpo and substations in Idekpa Ohimini and Katsina-Ala in Katsina-Ala Local government Area.

With this arrangement at full capacity Radio Benue can be received around the state and neighbouring states of Taraba, Nasarawa Kogi and parts of Kogi states.


At inception, Radio Benue was operating a management structure that was pegged at Grade Level 14 for all Heads of Departments the Department were five in all vi13

1. Administration and Finance

2. Programmes

3. News and Current Affairs

4. Engineering

5. Marketing/Commercial

Pegging the Head of Department at GL14 as the highest attainable rank led to stagnation the effect was massive Labour turn over a situation that led to Radio Benue loosing her best hands to sister/rival stations across the country.

There was a clamour to open the top to allow operatives to catch-up with their contemporises colleague and school mates in the ministries and elsewhere who could move up GL16 or GL17 as the case may be. This clamour led to the introduction of the Directorate Management structure.

This has a positive impact as productivity levels have improved drastically with almost magical pitch where with almost nothing, Radio Benue continues to be on air with equipment’s that would have receded into antiquity.

The high point is that Radio Benue programmes are replicated in many notable Nigerian Languages of Tiv, Idoma, Igede, Housa, Akineya, Etulo, Jukum, Ufia and many others have audience especially in the catchment areas.